Iconic Lawson Tama Stadium to be redeveloped – What will happen to the hillside?

The Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) announced that they will be redeveloping the Lawson Tama Stadium. The project is estimated to cost around 6.5 million US dollars.

The Lawson Tama Stadium with the proposed redevelopment in the top left corner (Photo Credit: SIFF)

The redevelopment was announced by SIFF’s project coordinator Joseph Boso at a SIFF Executive Committee meeting in Honiara just before the new year.

“SIFF major infrastructure project is proposed to be a combined office complex and upgrade of Lawson Tama Stadium,” Boso said, according to the SIFF website.

“Work on costing this project is underway with four architects Kramer Ausenco, Pacific Architects, Graceland Company and South Pacific Design,” Boso revealed.

“Their designs are due on Thursday 3rd of January 2019 and SIFF Exco is required to approve the Architect Project Manager by 7th of January.”

Boso has not responded to FiO’s approach for a comment on the progress of the project.

The redevelopment project is being funded in part by the FIFA Forward 2.0 programme where USD$ 2 million is available at any time during the 2019-2022 cycle for member associations.

The SIFF executive meeting also announced they would divert the rest of the funding from the FIFA Forward 1.0 to the Lawson Tama project and cancel the 2017 facility project at the SIFF Academy.

Will anything happen to the hillside?

lawson tama2
Fans watching the match between Marist and Team Wellington in the 2018 OFC Champions League from the hillside (Photo credit: sibconline.com.sb)

What makes the Lawson Tama Stadium so iconic is the hillside where people have been able to sit and watch games.

With the redevelopment, it is uncertain if the hillside will be kept intact or replaced by modern stands or seating area.

Neither project coordinator Boso or SIFF President William Lai have been available for comment, with President Lai saying “I will answer once we have definite answers. I do not believe in just talking,” on questions around the project and the hillside in specific.

Football in Oceania will keep you updated as the story develops.

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