Maltock elected OFC President

Interim President of the Oceania Football Confederation, Lambert Maltock has been elected for the role on a permanent basis.

Lambert Maltock
Newly elected OFC President Lambert Maltock (Photo credit: OFC Media)

Maltock, who has been interim President since June 2018 was elected on Saturday for four years.

“I would like to take this opportunity first of all, to say thank you very much,” Maltock said after being elected.

“It has not been easy. Oceania, where I am from, has suffered enough. This is why I want to come back and I asked my friends, ‘please give me a chance’.

Maltock, who is also the President of the Vanuatu Football Federation, says he does not intend to stay for longer than the four year period he is currently elected for.

But he hopes that he can help bring Oceania football back into the light after some dark times, with the recent ban of the former President for corruption and their current Vice President suspended for three months.

“I believe in myself that I can do it. I stand before you all, as humble as I can be, believing that I can help restore Oceania with my capable friends behind me,” Maltock said.

“You have given me the confidence and trust, and with my God I believe I can do it. I do not want to go on beyond four years but I want to leave a legacy so our children know that we are a strong Oceania.”

Author: Ola Bjerkevoll

A passion for everything football and especially in Oceania. Owner of Football in Oceania.

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