Fijian players suspended for three years for doping

Two players have been suspended for three years while a third has been given 30 days to “prove himself negative”.


The Fiji FA have announced that Rewa’s Martin Nasova and Ba’s Kini Madigi have been suspended for three years from all football-related activities at any level for the next three years.

They have also been fined 500 Fijian Dollars.

A third player, Nasinu’s Sekove Naikavakananumi, has been given a second chance to “prove himself negative”. Any more detail on what that chance consists off has not been revealed.

“For Nasova and Madigi, it was their final chance and despite knowing they were found positive for the use prohibited substance which is not permitted in football despite given second chance to improve themselves,” Fiji FA CEO Mohammed Yusuf told the FFA website.

“Naikavakananumi will be given 30 days to prove himself negative and will be given the opportunity to continue his playing career and till then he is suspended from playing from all level of football.”

The three players have all tested positive for marijuana while in camp for the national Under 23 trials, according to RadioNZ.

Author: Ola Bjerkevoll

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