Former Solomons TD Vega-Arango on CAS dismissal: “Really happy for them”

The former Solomon Islands Technical Director Felipe Vega-Arango is satisfied with the outcome of the Chris Satu case and hopes his former home can do well at the World Cup.

Former Solomon Islands Technical Director Felipe Vega-Arango (Photo credit: SIBC Online)

“I am really happy for the Solomons, they totally deserved it,” Vega-Arango tells Football in Oceania.

The Spaniard, who left his post in the Solomons earlier this year, was there for the OFC U16 Championship and have fought for the team to get to the World Cup at every opportunity.

“I know how hard they have worked. I am happy for the coach, Stanley, and all the boys, it is a wonderful moment,” he says.

Now he hopes the boys from Honiara can make their nation proud in the U17 World Cup in Brazil, but he admits it will be hard.

“Their spirit is always good,” he says.

“But the World Cup is a different deal, and the teams are all good, it will be hard,” Vega-Arango predicts.

The U17 World Cup in Brazil will be held from 26th October – 17th November. The Solomon Islands are in Group F with Italy, Paraguay and Mexico.

Author: Ola Bjerkevoll

A passion for everything football and especially in Oceania. Owner of Football in Oceania.

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