December 7, 2023

FIFA supports Samoa with football equipment

The international governing body of football has supplied the Samoans with equipment.

Some of the equipment given to Samoan clubs by FIFA. (Photo credit: FFS Media)

The total cost of the FIFA-funded Club assistance project, which this equipment delivery is part of, is $350.000.

The equipment delivery consists of 40 footballs, four goalkeeper gloves, two tactics boards, 60 markers, 40 cones, four drinking bottle holders and 32 water bottles.

The equipment was given to the 22 football clubs on the island of Upolu, where the Samoan capital of Apia lies.

“To the beneficiaries of the equipment here, we hope that they would make good use of the equipment and that it would go a long way and bring some sense of normalcy to the kids who will benefit from this” Football Federation Samoa President Papalii Samuel Leslie Petaia said.

FFS President Papalii Samuel Leslie Petaia (right). (Photo credit: FFS Media)

“Recently the FFS began to roll out some protocols for clubs to resume football in a phased approach. Hopefully, this donation will be the first of many forms of assistance we will be receiving and rendering to the footballers here in Upolu and Savaii”

Another batch of equipment is set for the clubs on the island of Savaii at a later stage, with a date yet to be set.
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2 thoughts on “FIFA supports Samoa with football equipment

  1. 350,000 US-Dollar? Is that correct? Seems like a LOT of money for these few things. The pic shows more goalkeeper gloves for example…

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