October 1, 2023

Niue’s OFC membership revoked

The Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) has revoked the Associate Membership of Niue.

The flag of Niue.
The flag of Niue.

“The Associate Member status of the former Niue Islands Soccer Association has been revoked, following a decision taken by the OFC Executive Committee during its March 3 meeting,” an OFC statement read.

“The former Niue Islands Soccer Association has been inoperative for the past 10 years, putting it in breach of Article 10 of the OFC Statutes”

Article 10 states that:

“Every Member Association has the following obligations:

  • To adopt a statutory clause ensuring that their elected President serves no more than three (3) full terms of office (whether consecutive or not) of four (4) years;
  • To administer a register of members which shall regularly be updated;
  • To implement a club licensing system according to the minimum requirements set by OFC from time to time. Member Associations shall include such an obligation and define the licensing bodies in their statutes;
  • To communicate to OFC any amendment of its statutes, rules and regulations in English as well as the list of its Officials or persons who are authorised signatories, with the right to enter into legally binding agreements with OFC and third parties.”

It has previously been stated by Sascha Düerkop that the Niue Soccer Association has had “no contact with OFC since the early 1990s”.

The OFC writes that the Executive Committee had “no other alternative but to revoke their Associate Member status.”

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, according to the OFC press release.

“OFC is aware that a new entity representing Niue is in the process of establishment and welcomes its application for Associate Membership in the future.”

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