October 2, 2023

What is happening to the Nations League?

The OFC launched the idea of an OFC Nations League two years ago. No one has heard a word since.

(Photo: Shane Wenzlick/Phototek)

In a video on their Youtube channel, on June 10th 2019, the Oceania Football Confederation laid out its development strategy for the period of 2019-2026 and with it confirmed the proposal of an OFC Nations League.

There was no more mention of exactly how or when this tournament would take place in that video.

Nothing else was said about any kind of layouts of the tournament, or who would be allowed to participate.

Would it look like that of UEFA, or would it look like the one in CONCACAF, which also allows non-FIFA teams, such as Guadeloupe, to participate? The OFC said nothing more in the video.

OFC responds

And since that day in 2019, there has not been a single word about it from the OFC.

Seeking to clarify the status of the tournament over two years later, Football in Oceania approached the confederation.

“The OFC Nations League is still an important part of the organisation’s long-term strategy,” OFC Competitions Director Chris Kemp tells Football in Oceania, via the OFC’s media and communications officer.

OFC’s Chris Kemp. Photo: Shane Wenzlick/Phototek)

Kemp reveals no more information about the tournament, and says they have not set a start date.

“Due to the disruptions to our calendar caused by COVID-19, we do not have a start date for the inaugural competition.”

Kemp and the OFC have not responded to Football in Oceania’s other questions: Who might participate and what kind of structure could the Nations League have?

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