September 27, 2023

Fiji referees get communication upgrade

The referees in Fiji can look forward to using microphones.

The referees in Fiji can look forward to using microphones.

The referees in Fiji will get the help of microphones (Photo credit: Fiji FA)

Fiji Football Association Referee Director Rakesh Varman says that the match officials will be using the new communications system during the matches soon.

The hope is that the standard of refereeing will improve with the referees being able to communicate better during the game.

The new microphones, two sets in total, have been bought from Australia and they will be tried out during the Vodafone U19 Youth league and if that goes well it will be implemented in “crucial” matches and tournaments according to Varman.

“Instead of only one guy talking in the middle, we have three of them talking together that will help them. We will definitely be using them in the season,” Varman said in the FFA statement.

Microphones like this will now be seen in the local game in Fiji (Photo credit: EFL)

Some of the referees, like Veer Singh who officiated in the Oceania Champions League Qualification, have already used microphones in that tournament and FIFA tournaments.

“Some of our referees who have officiated at the OFC level are used to the kit but we will teach the elite referees,” Varman explained.

“The modern game at the elite level is now much quicker and challenging than in the past.

“Good teamwork is essential in the management of the modern game of football.”

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