Chung leaves PNGFA

After first leaving his posts as President of the Oceania Football Confederation and Senior Vice President of FIFA, David Chung has now also resigned from the President role at the Papua New Guinea Football Association.

David Chung is now gone from all positions he held less than a week ago (Photo credit: OFC)

The PNGFA confirmed the news earlier today in a statement.

The resignation comes after a week where Chung first stepped down from the OFC and FIFA citing personal reasons, but has later come under a cloud of suspicion surrounding corruption in regards to the building process of the OFC’s Home of Football in Auckland. The OFC are preparing to investigate the matter and a committee well be put in place at the next congress in June.

Vice-President John Wesley Gonjuan thanks Chung in the statement released by the PNGFA for the work he has done for football in the country.

The statement continued with Gonjuan assuring that everything will go as normal at the PNGFA:

“To ensure good governance and accountability at all levels, the Executive Committee of PNGFA will adhere to the status of Papua New Guinea Football Association and comply with the process in electing a new President of PNGFA.”

“In the meantime, its business as usual at PNG Football Association, we will continue on with the planned activities for the year which includes, National Soccer League, National Youth tournaments during the school holidays, Besta FA Cup Regional & Finals, Women’s Regional Tournament, Referees & Coaching development programs, PNGFA Football Development Programs and Education Centre Program.” said Gonjuan.

The statement also touched upon the matter of the breakaway rebel football association, the Football Federation Papua New Guinea (FFPNG), started a little over a year ago, which have been in conflict with the PNGFA and Chung in particular since they broke off from the original FA.

“PNGFA hereby encourage our member associations who have strayed from PNG Football Association to come forward and communicate with the Secretariat to rectify their situations and comply with the PNG Football Association Statutes requirements,” the statement read.

David Chung has been under heavy criticism from the Papua New Guinea government for his lack of interest in trying to find a solution to the best for football in the country and was described as a stumbling block by PNG’s Vice Minister for Sports Wesley Raminai, who has tried to mediate between the two sides. Raminai also said, “He has been deliberately delaying our efforts to address this issue.”

Perhaps now there can be a solution to the problems football in Papua New Guinea face.

Author: Ola Bjerkevoll

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