Papua New Guinea step up Pacific Games preparation

The Papua New Guinea FA (PNGFA) look to prepare both their men an women’s sides for the upcoming Pacific Games in Samoa in July the best they can.

The PNG women look to continue their Pacific Games domination with another gold in Samoa. Here from the OFC Women’s Nations Cup in December last year (Photo credit: Shane Wenzlick/

The PNGFA announced the plans for a large-scale operation on their Facebook page on Monday.

They also unveiled former PNG international and former U23 head coach Bob Morris as the new men’s head coach for the tournament, while Frederica Sakette will take over the reins from Peter Gunemba for the women’s side.

The training squads for the tournament preparations have been announced for both teams and the first camps will be from 5-24 April for the men and 29 April-02 May for the women.

See the full squad below

The PNGFA say in the press release:

“The first training camp for the men’s will be split into two groups with the Port Moresby based players training in Port Moresby from 15-17 April while Lae, Madang and Highlands based players will have theirs on 22-24 April in Lae at PNGFA Academy.

After the split camp, the final 30 players selected will have a second training camp in Lae from 20-23 May while the women will have their final training camp in Port Moresby from 15-30 June before the announcement of final 23 players for departure.”

Anything but a medal “a disappointment”

PNGFA Technical Manager Paul Isorua believes the programme will be a success as they aim to take the top spot in both competitions.

“The training programme we have is intense and will focus on a possession-based style of football.”

“We set our goals very high and we want to win gold. Anything less than a medal will be disappointing for us,” Isorua said in the press release.

The final 23 player squads is expected to be finalised in Port Moresby at the conclusion of the final training camp.

The first High-Performance screening will be held in Port Moresby. The next screening will be organized in Lae thereafter for players located outside of Port Moresby.

Men’s training squad: Abel Redenut, Alex Kamen, Alwin Komolong, Atti Kepo, Ricky Wadunah, Basil Jofari, Clement Willis, Daniel Joe, David Browne, David Muta, Dinniget Luaine, Donovan Murray, Edwin Darius, Emmanuel Simon, Emmanuel Simongi, Emmanuel Airem, Felix Komolong, Freeman Giwi, Gregory Togubai, Henry Ronny, Ilai Ilarova, Ishmael Pole, Jacob Sabua, Jonathan Allen, Jordan Kaven, Jordan Tobem, Joshua Talau, Joshua Oscar, Karesa Morris, Kenneth Arah, Kolu Kepo, Koriak Upaiga, Langarap Samol, Leslie Kalai, Michael Foster, Nigel Dabinyaba, Obert Bika, Papalau Awele, Patrick Aisa, Philip Steven, Raymond Gunemba, Ronald Warisan, Russell Nirik, Stahl Gubag, Tommy Semmy, Wira Wama, Yagi Yasasa, Shane Sakael, Otto Kusunan.

Women’s training squad: Margaret Joseph, Olivia Upaupa, Lucy Maino, Yvonne Gabong, Kesai Kotome, Selina Unamba, Carolyn Obi, Marie Kaipu, Ramona Padio, Georgina Bakani, Gloria Laeli, Betty Sam, Faith Kasiray, Gloria Balamus, Sandra Birum, Rayleen Bauelua, Meagan Gunemba, Judith Gunemba, Fidelma Watpore, Dorcas Sesevo, Deslyn Siniu, Serah Tamgol, Daisy Winas, Jacobeth Bani, Joelyn Aimi, Jacklyne Maiyosi, Isabella Natera, Belinda Giada, Marity Sep, Michaella Kurabi, Mary Wari, Lydia Kose, Alison Paulias, Nicole Walter, Fidorah Namuesh, Norma Kasiray, Susan Manas, Nicole Bekio, Abigail Wagol, Shalom Waida, Jerolyn Gala, Asaiso Gossie, Ruth Giada, Agai Max, Serah Anthony, Pauline Nuasi, Gethrude Waninara, Delma Ambrias, Sylvia David, Mercia Tumin, Tabitha Wana.

Author: Ola Bjerkevoll

A passion for everything football and especially in Oceania. Owner of Football in Oceania.

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