Solomon Islands appeal upheld – They are going to the World Cup

The OFC Appeal Committee has ruled in favour of the Solomon Islands in regards to the eligibility of Chris Satu.

Solomon Island u16
The Solomon Islands U17 team at the OFC U16 Championship (Photo credit: OFC Media/Shane Wenzlick/

The Solomon Islands had first been disqualified for fielding an ineligible player in Chris Satu at the OFC U16 Championship, in which they came second and qualified for the U17 World Cup. They were then also disqualified from the World Cup.

The Solomon Islands Football Federation appealed the decision and the appeal has now won through.

The OFC Appeal Committe met on May 3rd to hear the Solomon Islands appeal.

According to a statement on the Solomon Islands Football Federation website the OFC Appeal Comitte ruled in favour of the Solomon Islands “on the grounds that Chris Satu had a passport issued by the Solomon Islands government, which showed a birthdate within the U16 OFC Championship 2018 competition regulations.”

The passport was approved by the OFC Competition Manager prior to the tournament and Satu was cleared to play.

The ruling now means they will keep their spot at the FIFA U17 World Cup in September, now set to take place in Brazil after FIFA stripped Peru of the hosting rights.

The Solomon Islands U17 team are currently in Europe playing in a UEFA development tournament. Here they have beaten Moldova 2-1 and lost 4-1 to hosts Belarus on penalties. They have one game against Kazaksthan remaining in their group.

The good news will surely prove a morale boost to the team for that game.

Author: Ola Bjerkevoll

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