October 2, 2023

Football player starts his own academy in Samoa

Kenneth Kerewi is starting up his own football academy for both boys and girls in Samoa.

Kenneth Kerewi during his time as a volunteer coach with the Football Federation Samoa. (Photo credit: Private)

The Nigerian footballer who has played in Samoa for years, and recently completed a spell in New Zealand’s winter leagues, says he wants to give something back to the kids of Samoa. That means starting up Pasefika Soccer Academy, an academy for both boys and girls.

Kerewi, who has been coaching kids for the Football Federation Samoa, says it all started when a woman contaced him to see if he could train her grandson.

“They are projecting a better prospect to see him progress with his soccer skills as well as combining soccer with his education such that he could along the line get a soccer scholarship to play overseas,” Kerewi tells Football in Oceania.

Pasefika Soccer Academy logo. (Photo credit: Pasefika Soccer Academy)

That made him think of the idea of starting up his own academy.

“And then a bigger picture projected for the future came in with the initiative to develop and train young players,8-15 years old, to prepare them for a soccer career as well as combining a sort of play soccer and education for those that would later move on overseas through soccer scholarship,” Kerewi says.

“Actually I was looking at promoting a soccer academy in Samoa through the local clubs in Samoa because the Football Federation Samoa are doing a lot of great job through Fun Football programs at various schools, but then like you have in New Zealand, you will see kids are engaged with various academies where they develop their skills, their talents and their football sense. And you can see the progress being made through the soccer academies on the players of which this players are exceptional players when they play in their various clubs.”

Ken Kerewi has played many seasons in Samoa. Here from his time with Lupe Ole Soaga. (Photo credit: OFC Media)

Now he is looking to connect with high schools outside of Samoa, especially the USA, Australia and New Zealand “with the hope of finding good soccer scholarship offers for the players”.

He is also on the lookout for overseas partners to donate kits and equipment to the kids.

“Basically I am looking at how to get in overseas partners to get on board because I would be looking out for soccer uniforms (which the players will be required to come along with and put on for their training sessions), then soccer gears and soccer equipments as well so we can keep working on a professional standard of training and have the look of a professional environment.”

“Also the soccer academy mission aims at providing a professional environment to develop young Samoan soccer players to full capacity within the ages of 8-15 years old, as well as promoting sports and education, health and wellness,” Kerewi says.

If you would like to get in touch with the Pasefika Soccer Academy their email is: pasefikasocceracademy.ws@gmail.com

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