October 2, 2023

OFC Professional League: Planned kick off in 2025

The Oceania Football Confederation Executive Committee has approved plans for the formation of the OFC Professional League, during the OFC Executive Committee meeting in Doha, Qatar on November 19.

The teams walk out for the game between Galaxy FC from Vanuatu and Lae City FC from Papua New Guinea at the 2022 OFC Champions League (Photo: OFC Media via Phototek)

This is a press release from the Oceania Football Confederation.

A taskforce was formed in 2019 with the sole purpose of determining the viability of a professional league in the Oceania region. Since then, extensive research and analysis has been conducted into the formation of this competition, as well as a business case study.

Following the decision, the confederation will advance with plans to kick off the OFC Professional League in 2025.

The formation of the OFC Professional League will support the OFC’s long-term goal of qualifying two teams to the FIFA World Cups in 2026-2027.

It comes after FIFA President Gianni Infantino last month pledged FIFA’s support for the concept at the OFC 28th Ordinary Congress in Auckland.

“The advent of the OFC Professional League is an important step in helping to raise the profile of club football across the Oceania region,” Infantino said.

“I see it as a win-win for the development of not only club football, but also to help reinforce the development of national team football across the entire region.

“You can rely on FIFA’s support as you embark on this crucial venture for the long-term development of our sport here.”

During the Executive Committee meeting this past Saturday, OFC President Lambert Maltock said the professional league would play a crucial role in elevating football in Oceania.

“As leaders of Oceania football, we are responsible for the growth of football, and we need to move forward to make this happen,” Maltock said.

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  1. UEFA. All that money in a small geographical area with cheaper travel and quality facilities. So much easier to have a continental league.

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