Streaming platform Mycujoo expand partnership with OFC

The Oceania Football Confederation will now exclusively use the Amsterdam-based streaming platform as their source for streaming.


OFC has signed a two-year deal with Mycujoo according to a statement released Wednesday on the streaming platform’s website.

The statement does not say if the extended partnership means the OFC will stream league football, but one could hope.

“We are very excited to further develop our relationship with OFC with this exclusive partnership. This agreement is the latest step toward our goal of closing the gap between grassroot and elite level football. We can’t wait to share the several hundreds of thousands of talented players in this region with our global audience, and continue to bring the world of football closer together,” Mycujoo CEO Pedro Presa says.

More player engagement

The statement also focuses on players having digital profiles on the platform. It reads:

“The players will be a specific focus for MyCujoo, with new features empowering players featured on the platform to claim their digital profile, own and share their individual contents. This will allow both MyCujoo and OFC to engage with the player community and encourage these communities to generate their own content.”

Exactly what this means isn’t clear yet but it will be interesting to see.

OFC’s General Secretary, Frank Castillo, also added his two cents to the deal

“The support we have had from MyCujoo since the beginning has been wonderful and I am certain this is just the beginning of what will be a long relationship. This is an exciting opportunity for us to build on the digital footprint of football in Oceania and it is an honour to be doing so with a company at the forefront of digital streaming worldwide,” Castillo says in the statement.

Let’s hope this is the beginning of even more Oceania football on Mycujoo.

Author: Ola Bjerkevoll

A passion for everything football and especially in Oceania. Owner of Football in Oceania.

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