September 27, 2023

Wondergoal wins the OFC Champions League for Hienghène

In a historic all-New Caledonia Champions League Final it was Hienghène who came out on top. An entertaining and close game saw Hienghène edge out AS Magenta for the win.

In an historic all-New Caledonia Champions League Final, it was Hienghène who came out on top. An entertaining and close game saw Hienghène edge out AS Magenta for the win, thanks to a wondergoal from Amy Antoine Roine.

(AS Magenta – Hienghène Sport 0-1)

Hienghene trophy celebration
Hienghène players and staff celebrate with the OFC Champions League trophy (Photo credit: OFC Media/Shane Wenzlick/

The first half had plenty of chances with both sides going for the first goal at the Stade Numa-Daly in Nouméa.

As expected Magenta took control of the game with Hienghène looking to crack them on the counter-attack.

Magenta went the closest when Jean Christ Wajoka powered a volley goalward from the edge of the box after 15 minutes, but it didn’t go in.

Hienghène had their chances on the break and especially at the end of the half they found the right recipe for countering properly. By sending Bertrand Kai out on a jog with one of the two centre backs, instead of him coming deep to collect and redistribute the ball, they created an entirely new threat for the Magenta defence to control.

But despite the enjoyable play and the chances, it ended 0-0 after the first half.

In the second, Hienghène started off on the front foot and controlled the play but Magenta went the closest when a shot was almost fumbled by goalkeeper Rocky Nyikeine almost fumbled a ball over his own line.

And then, after 65 minutes, a magical moment happened. Hienghène substitute Amy Antoine Roine got the ball in his own half, around the edge of the centre circle. He looked up, saw that the goalkeeper was far, far off his line and sent a shot towards goal. It sailed high over the Steeve Ixoee’s head and into the back of the net.

Watch the goal and full game highlights at the bottom of the article.

Magenta almost responded five minutes later but a great save from Nyikeine kept Hienghène in the lead.

But it wasn’t to be for Magenta. They tried and tried but couldn’t find a way to get the ball into the back of the net.

A late challenge on Bertrand Kai in added time saw a brawl break out and Magenta’s Mickael Tiaou got sent off for flinging a knee at an opponent. An unnecessary end to a great game.

A wondergoal secured Hienghéne their first Champions League title in their first appearance in the final. They are only the second non-New Zealand or Australian team to win the Oceania continental competition after Hekari United from Papua New Guinea won it in 2010.

Watch the deciding goals and full highlights below


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