October 1, 2023

Auckland nominated for World Cup

The OFC have nominated Auckland City FC as the Oceania representative for the FIFA Club World Cup.

Auckland City FC. (Photo credit: Massimo Colombini/OFC Media)

The news comes after the cancellation of the OFC Champions League for yet another season.

Read the full statement from the OFC below:

“The OFC Executive Committee have confirmed their nomination of New Zealand’s Auckland City FC as the Confederation’s representative to participate in the FIFA Club World Cup 2021.

The 2021 OFC Champions League was cancelled due to the various COVID-19 restrictions across our Member Associations, meaning no matches were played.

As a result, OFC’s Executive Committee nominated a representative from the Confederation based strictly on sporting merit principles.

FIFA have agreed that these principles took several sporting criteria into consideration and provided a fair opportunity for clubs to be selected.

The sporting merit principles took into consideration the final placing of every Member Association’s National League champion and runner-up in each OFC Champions League between 2016 and 2020.

The results were then combined to determine an overall ranking.

This ranking was then applied to the clubs nominated by their Member Association as the champion or runner-up from their respective National Leagues, to qualify for the OFC Champions League 2021.

OFC General Secretary Franck Castillo thanked the OFC Executive Committee for their support around the decision making.

“We are grateful to still offer up an opportunity for an OFC representative to attend the FIFA Club World Cup, despite having to cancel this year’s OFC Champions League due to COVID-19 complications,” he said.

“In coming up with the decision, we’ve allowed as much time for our nominated team to get ahead with preparations including their availabilities to travel.”

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