October 1, 2023

Tonga on course with new stadium

Despite the difficulties of the corona pandemic and a volcano eruption, the Tonga FA are hopeful for the new stadium to be completed in 2023.

The grandstand at the new stadium. (Photo: TFA)

The plans for a new stadium were first revealed back in 2019. The project was further advanced in 2021.

The stadium will be on the main island of Tongatapu and have a seating capacity of 500.

“TFA has utilized its FIFA Forward Program to build our new stadium now. It is under construction with one of many local companies in Tonga called Dexing,” TFA President Lord Ve’ehala tells Football in Oceania.

The cost of the stadium is 4 million US Dollars, or about 9,7 million Tongan Pa’anga.

“The construction is progressing very well with a well coordination manner amongst; TFA, FIFA Development Office, ITS, the local engineering company that designed the stadium, and Dexing, Ve’ehala says.

The stadium will be completed in March or April of 2023, depending on the weather situation.

“TFA is now planning is to officially open the new stadium in May or early June 2023 before the FIFA Women’s Football World Cup starts on 20 July 2023,” Ve’ehala says.

Below you can see more of what the stadium will look like.

The outside of the stadium. (Photo: TFA)
The grandstand at the new stadium. (Photo: TFA)
The outside of the stadium. (Photo: TFA)

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